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Directing the economic and environmental benefits of utility-scale wind energy to California customers, while affordably and reliably supporting state renewable energy goals.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association for the U.S. wind industry.  AWEA-California is the trusted voice for utility-scale wind policy in California. 

Our Work

AWEA-California participates in a number of regulatory proceedings, as well as planning efforts in the following venues: 

  • California Public Utilities Commission

  • California Energy Commission

  • California Independent System Operator

  • Western regional planning venues

  • Media


AWEA-California welcomes new renewable energy developers, owners, and operators interested in collaborative policy and regulatory advocacy to advance the role of wind energy in the State's clean energy portfolio to join as members.  


Members of AWEA-California are global leaders in utility-scale wind energy development, ownership, and operations.  Many members also develop and own other energy infrastructure such as transmission lines, utility-scale solar, and energy storage. Our vision is a clean, reliable, and affordable grid that optimizes the benefits of utility-scale wind generation.


American Wind Energy Association


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